Gainesville Citizens Care, Inc.

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Gainesville Citizens Care Inc. (GC-CARE) is a Florida not-for-profit corporaton formed to provide information and to advocate for the public interest on issues of importance to the greater Gainesville community.

GC-CARE recently has been actively advocating to protect the public interest with regard to a 30 year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between the City of Gainesville d/b/a Gainesville Regional Utilities and the limited liabilty corporation GREC. This $3 billion to $4 billion contract is the most expensive contract into which the City has ever entered.

In April of 2012 GC-Care filed suit to have the PPA declared void ab intio as a result of having been negotiated in violation of Florida's Sunshine Law.

A mediated settlement agreement was reached with the City on December 20, 2012 the City Commission in a 4-3 vote accepted the mediated agreement.

The agreement, among other things, required the Gainesville City Commission to hold its first ever public workshop of the GREC contract.


Note on Abbreviations:
GC Care - Gainesville Citizens Care, Inc.
GRU - City of Gainesville dba Gainesville Regional Utility
GREC - Gainesville Renewable Energy Center, LLC

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